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Lost in Another Person's Story

15 / 02 / 2016

I have continued to see the nominated films lately, and I have to say I am loving it immensely. A certain fragment of me craves to be apart of it, and hints that I should do something along those lines. It seems somewhat out of nowhere this desire, and very familiar as I have always LOVED to see creative projects come together, from the creative vision to reality. It's yet another possibility to follow through, adding to my long and daring list.

I've given up on watching anything at home apart from the odd news story and YouTube recipe videos of course. It just doesn't make me feel good if I am listening to the woes of the world or an add for the latest gadget. I have recently finished reading 'The Secret' and whether you are into it or not, I have come to the realisation that what we pay attention too is reflected in what we receive in the future. I am working more and more on just coming back to the present and focusing on making myself content in the moment and not worrying about the possibilities of the future. It's helping me slow down, and create more, say more and act more. But this post is slowly becoming a jumble of thoughts.

What I really wanted to say, is how magical it is to sit in a cinema, in a comfy seat and a soft oversized jumper (because they always seem to have the air conditioning on BLAST), and be so immersed in the story being told, in the art on display - that you totally loose all sense of being in your own body. So much so that when you consciously realise that the film is coming to an end, or the story is concluding - you have a 'wake up' moment. You feel as if you were in another sort of dream, parallel to that of being unconscious. I LOVE THIS, if that isn't clear already, and the notion of creating movies that allow other individuals to enter this awesome state is rather alluring.

While I love to be able to go to the cinemas, I don't think it is really a sustainable habit with price and all. However, that does't mean I am not going to enjoy it while it lasts.