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Life Amongst the Darkness

17 / 02 / 2016

Whilst death and destruction sporadically invades individuals and communities lives, life is forever present and always there to remind us why we're here.

That is to experience it. To experience life and not make it into some crazy serious science experiment. Not placing too much pressure on family, friends and work colleagues as well as ourselves for outcomes that might not go to plan. Because no outcome is certain, life is always in flux, and in the end it doesn't matter the outcome. Everything is an experience that we can learn from, and grow from.

In the darkest of times, we can be reassured that there will be good to come. Whether it is soon or far away, at the end of each dip in the waves, happiness will one day sore again and we must find strength in that. Strength that the future is uncertain and the possibilities are endless. There are unknown friends and partners out there, waiting to be connected. Moments of uncontrollable laughter that leave you streaming with tears, and times when you do things your past self would have never considered, because in that specific time and place you felt as if you could conquer the world.

Life is everywhere. It is continual, and doesn't stop when physical bodies do. You are doing enough by simply breathing, but remember that our days are what we make them. So live widely and curiously.