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I'm Writing a Book!!

05 / 04 / 2016

I'm always weary of announcing things on social media. There is always some pressure to follow through (ah no duh!), but with no evidence of physical people expecting you to do just that, only a screen and some numbers, it doesn't quite have the same effect. However this is quite different. Because I am not doing this for any of you (I don't mean to sound rude), in that it's not some content that I've "promised", like an ebook or my own t-shirt line, but something that I'm doing as a seperate personal project, I feel the negativity is lost. My friend, Kat and I are setting ourselves a 30 day challenge to write, format and publish a book through Amazon.

While initially wondering what the heck I would write about, as there is always the cliche line of "I don't know anything", it has actually turned out for the best, as the perfect idea arrived right before me that could not feel more suited to this time in my life and my current position. I bet you are curious my now. So the theme and probable title is, 'Finding and Sustaining a Motivated and Inspired Life'. I'm writing about how I am torn about this new freedom I have and how I am learning to ride the waves of feeling on top of the world, motivated and ready to tackle anything while achieving everything, to the low periods where I cry and wonder 'what the heck is there to look forward too' and 'what am I even doing'?

I've nutted out my chapters and am going for it, trying to not let my perfectionist side get in the way of things. As Kat reminded me, the "word vomit" stage is not about perfection, but rather getting those ideas out of your brain and onto the page. Typos, grammar and structure can be figured out later. I think I'll make the 30 days and maybe if this goes well I'll push forward with another topic after that, be it informative, factual or anecdotal.

I think one of my biggest faults is thinking and believing I can do anything on my own. Or that I have too. I am the biggest introvert and often don't accept not only help from others but encouragement and challenges from them. I have this niggling voice in my head saying you have to do this all by yourself because otherwise it doesn't count, nor will it be your best work. But I say BS to that, and I am showing (by doing) that it is BS. For too long I have not let others into what I do, remaining steadfast with my 'do it yourself' mentality. While I am not writing this book with someone else, the overarching challenge and project is. It's a small step to committing to the spontaneity that I hoped I would embrace this year, but hey, I'm sure things will start clicking into place as I show the universe I am ready.

Nearly finished chapter two (aka-word vomit ruff draft of two chapters), and looking forward to not only reaching the half way point, but starting to design the layout, format and possible art I might create to add to it's groovy flare. I am going to do this, so look out!