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If it fits

31 / 05 / 2016

Our world is definitely moving towards a more body accepting norm. Perhaps it's just the generation I am a part of, and let's be real, some things never change, but I certainly feel hope in the leaders and content creators of our generation. Suddenly skinny and lanky, while preferred for photoshoots is not just ranked at the top - but also strong and toned is too. Big bums and big hips are being embraced and really anything that the individual chooses to embrace is welcomed with open arms. Insecurity feeds hesitancy and rejection, so it's just a matter of owning what you've got in the body department. Because remember the words of Eckhart Tolle peeps, if you aren't happy with the present (yep, your present bod) - then how can you ever be. Ahh, isn't it nice to receive some body boosting confidence from our wise man Tolle.

Anyway, moving to my point. While this positive talk and empowering pictures of girls in their funky style spread across Tumblr blogs and insta feeds, is a good thing - there is a serious gap in the market missing. That is...CLOTHES(!!) that respond to this call. Granted there have always been individuals with bigger buts then will fit into 90% of the jeans on the market and shorter legs than the model - but for someone who wants to dress particularly groovily, I am finding it difficult to replenish my wardrobe with jeans, pants, tops - you name it because since I started seriously buying clothes for myself in the past, it was when I didn't have such a muscly but. Sounds like a small problem, but it's proving significant enough to write about it, so take me seriously.

While it's all good to say to these people that shopping vintage is best and visiting thrift shops is always good - the chances of them finding something that fits on top of something that they like is increasingly small - making it hard to simply acquire the basics as they go through whatever body shapes they do in life.

If we know that skinny doesn't equate to healthy, then why do brands simply solely cater to this. While I would love to be able to only support fair trade labels or buy second hand, there are other factors in my current life situation that make that not always do-able, and time is a major one. The fact remains that you just have to look harder and for longer if you are trying to find the perfect pair of jeans and are not a one-size fits all kind of shape.

And what does this lead too, well when you have been looking for months and haven't found anything, you feel insecure again and therefore back in the base camp we were in, before feeling all empowered with the bod we've got. AGH!

There is a reason why most people feel their best when totally naked whether with a partner, in the shower or simply getting dressed. It's because no shopping is involved and in the current times, it's what we feel most comfortable in. Come on stores, make clothes for muscly buts, bigger hips, and shorter legs.