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I got angry

01 / 03 / 2016

I'm sure this will be entertaining.

To give some backstory, I have recently made a big mindset switch from consumerist, to wanna-be minimalist. I am constantly getting rid of things, and loosing the attachment to those that I once highly valued. I see things for what they are, objects, and no where near resembling the amazingness of actual real life experiences. In short, my attitudes have completely shifted.

So the other day I went to have lunch with a school friend at a vegetarian/vegan cafe near where she lived. I was grateful for the 1 hour and 20 minute driving practice there and back, and man was the food worth it. I had a great time, until I realised upon returning that I had forgot my water bottle. I had left it on the table where we sat, I mean COME ON! Is there a more obvious place to leave it?

I got home around 3:30 and I new that this water bottle was no where to be seen, yet I ignored the fact until after dinner. I always have it with me, it's hardy filtered, 500ml, clear sides, no drip awesomeness. So I slowly became more and more dehydrated as the evening progressed, sipping unsatisfactorily on a glass cup, wondering where it had got too.

After dinner it hit me, I triple checked my back pack hoping that the water bottle gods had brought it home, twice went out to the garage to search the car left right and center, and retraced my steps from where I'd been since stepping through the front door. It was a shocking realisation, and because I was feeling fragile at that point, I really let it get to me. I know this sounds ridiculous, but I was unbelievably upset. Whether it was a combination of the novelty of it's convenience, the knowledge of the importance of having a water filter, or the harsh reality that without it I'd have to resort to these bottles my mum keeps that resulted in me getting teased at junior school because they look like shampoo/conditioner/mouthwash bottles, but I was so angry, mad and sad. I shed a tear too, complained a lot to my mum, who couldn't care less, and lived in my own mini film as all the times when I rely of it became obviously clear.

I sat on my bed reading ebooks and mournfully looked at the empty space besides me. I dragged my feet up the stairs to shed a tear and my dog (lying at the base) rose it's leg exposing it's willy for a pat, or in offer of condolences. I awkwardly lumbered these piddly shampoo (not actually) shaped bottles to my bed-side table and guzzled unhappily at their contents. I sat with a throbbing head-ache from a lack of hydration, without the slightest intention to combat it without my beloved water bottle.

My trusty pal was there with me through the best and worst of times. At school camps it was beside me for a midnight sip, on the floor during exams and assessments last year, it came to Berlin and Florence with me, and it had also been out onto the ocean in a Kayak with me. It's my trusty pal that delivers a delicious concoction upon request, and I miss it.

I totally realise that it is not the end of the world, and no I am not a 'filtered-water snob'. But when the reality hit, I was really devastated. Whether hormones had a part to play, who knows, and who really cares - because we all got em so we can't blame them for everything. I'm not ashamed of my over-reaction. It was over a water bottle after all and not an iPhone which I think is evident of the child within, so that makes me happy. The experience however made me truly realise that I do get so mad at myself for doing stupid things due to not being on the ball. I am unable to forgive, rather the only cure being time.

The good news is, I see the brighter side now. I am valiantly using these thick white plastic bottles that brought up a childhood trauma within, and planning to make a trip to purchase a new one today. It's not a unique water bottle, they are quite common and can be bought from Office works, and this time I'll be okay parting with that money. After all, look at how much the last one meant to me (I wrote a column on it's parting).