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Having it Easy

22 / 05 / 2016

This post is a little uncomfortable to write, but entirely necessary. I don't know who reads this blog, but I imagine many of you will be able to relate to what I am saying. I don't mean to criticise anyone or any system, rather (as usual) I am just offering my thoughts on the matter.

So recently, I was the 3 million and something subscriber to Casey Niestat's YouTube Channel as after some initial hesitancy I soon realised that his vlogging style is simply genius/brilliant/like nothing else/stuff from the gods. Anyhoos, his attitude about life and making not the years of your life count, but the life in your years count, is rather kick-ass-able. Basically I watched a video where he answered why his son works in a donut shop when he could organise a job for his son in five minutes flat through making a phone call. His answer was basically that you don't find your passion in a nice cushion-ey job. That only leads to stagnancy and then mid-life crises down the track when you realise you are not doing what you'd really love to be doing. Yet you don't know how to get out of your present situation so you become depressed and upset as you've never had to fight for your future or for your own path ever before in your life. Casey made the point that it was through his ever many years working in a crappy seafood shop, scrapping fish gunk out of the bottom of meter deep pots, forever smelling like seafood and only earning $8 dollars an hour that he realised what he wanted to do in his life. It was through the constant fantasising and day-dreaming of what he would rather be doing while doing something he hated that gave him the fire, passion and determination to make his dream come true.

I have had so many thoughts of not knowing what I want to do in the future, that this message hit me pretty deep. Firstly, because it was all to obvious. In my life, whenever I come home from doing something shitty crappy and uncomfortable I have even more bars of energy under my belt to edit a hella-awesome video or execute that particular recipe I'd been thinking of for ages. It has happened so consistently and predictably over and over in my life that I could not do anything but totally agree with him. Secondly, because it forced me to think back on my reality. Sure, my jobs are cushiony in a sense, but I'm also at a cross road where I could go down a cushiony avenue or carve my own way. Yet if I choose the latter option, then I do need to build up some determination from somewhere, and perhaps the shitty job is a vehicle to that.

Obviously, big disclaimer - a shitty job does not mean abusive superiors and an unsafe working environment. I think what Casey was referring to was an energy draining and often mind numbing occupation. I don't mind mind-numbing, it makes way for a solid amount of day-dreaming and idea brainstorming. I have known for a while that a part-time job stacking shelves or making coffee is what I need, to constantly have that dedication and determination to keep on at this blog and YouTube space. So that's what's going to happen.

But seriously, check out his channel. It will make you want to get out and do things.