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Growing Love

14 / 07 / 2016

This blog post will follow the story of my dog, Harvey. It has come to my attention lately that the level of attention I give now-a-days is greatly different to that I gave less than 10 months ago.

But starting at the beginning.

Getting a furry friend was the first thing I really fought hard for. Since starting school it was a big thing on my mind. I didn't really have much of an agenda in life, but I guess the constant reminder of these four-legged creatures at play dates and the school gate, put the idea at the forefront of my mind. Slowly and surely my rental's come around to the idea.

First, there was the breed decision. We tossed up the idea of a Beagle or an Airedale but eventually settled for the ultimate family dog...a spoodle. Then there was the name conundrum. Would it be Henry, Larry, Willy, David, Cameron, Shelly or Greg. In the end, we settled for two options, if we got a girl, Molly, if we got a boy, Harvey. In hindsight, I am beyond thankful we didn't go for Molly as I find the name rather generic or something.

I was in grade two when the big day arrived. We set out at night to drive two hours away to the breeder's home. First stop was the ATM though. I remember distinctly sitting nervously with excitement in the back seat of the car with a big cardboard box next to me, and the street light shining over my mum withdrawing the cash. The car trip must have got pretty quickly as next thing I remember we were surrounded by these cute lil' things. What followed was a mixture of sex confirmation, 'yep, this one's a boy', 'ahh you've got yourself a girl there', 'nope that's male', and silence from me as I had the best time ever, snuggling every single golden puppy there was (just to be clear the litter only consisted of golden puppies, I wasn't discriminatory or anything).

In the end, it came down to me, YAS!!! I think at 7 years of age I was pretty pleased with myself that I got the final say. I picked the one I was holding at the time, and so we got a little fluffy squirt of a thing named Harvey.

Harvey is a pretty great. He's rather needy and really does prefer the company of humans rather than dogs, but he's seriously part of our family.

Fast forward ten years or so, I'm in my last year of school and am somewhat ignoring Harvey. I'd say that this behaviour had been growing over the last couple of years, not that I wanted it too, but that's just how it happened. I took him for granted and while I still walked him and washed him, I would say I'd fallen out of interest with him. I found other dogs cuter and more interesting just because they were new, even if they didn't want my attention. But this year has been different. I'm working from home and have grown so many new shoots of love for that boof. It's great!! Through just slowing down and noticing him more, I kinda do prefer him over other dogs, plus I get all proud when people think he looks younger than he really is.

So that's my turn around story of love for my pal, Harv's. While he bit me pretty hard once when I crowded his personal space, I know it will be a sad day when he's no longer by my side, sniffing every little blade of grass and doing a million piddles on our walks.