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Getting Outside

04 / 02 / 2016

I've slowly been realising that going outside and spending maybe half your day it it's wonder is such a powerful thing. While I walk my dog every morning, when I do the sun is only just peaking through, and it's not exactly spreading it's golden rays yet. This is all good, but when I went kayaking with an amazing friend yesterday, I realised that floating on the water is where one's meant to be. Well maybe not literally for every minute, but just being surrounded by nature, whether that's on the bay or in a national park - is definitely the way to go.

I've never been one to get an endorphin rush from exercise. I somewhat hate running, because I don't even feel good afterwards - just a tired, sweating, panting wreck. However I always have experienced this sort of buzz, when I do some sort of physical activity that doesn't feel like it. Something that is done with the sole purpose of not burning calories or being a 'workout', but just to hang with friends, or to go from A to B. This leaves me with a set smile on my dial and bubbling motivation and inspiration. After such a buzz, I feel like the queen bee. Anything I do, I do with gusto and enthusiasm, whilst not second guessing that activity, or feeling guilty for doing so.

It's so freaking incredible, and I think it's all down to some time spent in natures bath of vitamin D. Soaking up this golden energy that radiates light and abundance into all corners of the world. The more I've been less paranoid about getting sunburnt (yet obviously not going over board and exposing myself for extended periods), the brighter my mood becomes, and I feel absolutely blessed to be alive on this planet. Experiencing life and just 'living'.

This life only comes around once, or maybe more (we don't know), but to spend this one feeling content; I promise you that starring at this screen is not the answer. While being indoors is often 'easier', I promise you, you'll be a much happier and probably different person - if you include a decent dosage of nature and good friendship in your day.