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Finding your "Purpose"

30 / 08 / 2016

The thing about this whole finding your purpose thing, is that only you can be the judge of whether you have or not - yet it always seems to come down to mothers, grandmothers and aunties to decide for you whether you are fulfilled with your day-to-day. The expectations of generations carry certain perimeters, set out in their lifetime and only slightly stretched by the present.

To me, the words 'Finding your Purpose' mean that you are content in your life situation and forever curious. You have found something that allows you to be satisfied, motivated and inspired on a daily basis. Going to work shouldn't be an onerous or anxiety provoking task, rather a seamless transition from the other motions you go through.

But here's my problem with the word "purpose" - it doesn't leave room for much movement. Sure there are some people who hop right into what they like doing after school and find a fruitful and enjoyable life within that field - but then there is the alternative. Many people don't know what they should really be doing, even when they happen to be doing it. For example - I would love to grow my "Honeybunch of Onion Tops" name, and bring out many plant-based cookbooks. But even when I am dedicating a fair chunk of my time to it at the moment, I am never entirely sure if this is a long term thing or just a creative outlet I am enjoying at the moment. It's all a little confusing. Plus, when you have many things you enjoy doing - it doesn’t seem clear to me, which one, if there is one - I should choose over the others.

The other thing "purpose" implies is that it's an easy choice, an easy life path. But many people go down a certain path because of parental or societal expectation for a while, before realising that it is making them completely miserable. Purpose can be pressed onto people, before they uncover that it is a false hope of others they are not meant to, and don't have to fulfill.

So the "purpose" that I would like to adopt is one that’s a little different. When I feel I have purpose, is when I feel I have no anxiety about what I doing. Usually purpose might conjure up images of individual’s people super productive and efficient, and while I do feel calm and in a rhythm in these instances, I also feel calm and curious when travelling from A to B, or just doing something, being somewhere or someone - and having a purpose in that sense. Therefore, it's not necessarily a job or a life stage, but moments within it for me. Life is always in flux and so I think sweeping statements like "oh good, he's found his purpose" is just one big unnecessary generalisation.

In other words, for me this phrase just goes back to enjoying the present moment by either doing what you love with no regrets, or doing something that gives you a purpose and sense of fulfillment. Hope some little pondering here made sense to you today.