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Female Fashion Expectations

28 / 03 / 2016

This morning I had one of those mornings. You know, the one where you just can't feel YOU in anything you try on. You have your "staples" in the wash and have to make do, with the remaining hodge-podge selection of ill-fitting clothes and pants that were a previous favourite...yet are not now. I don't know if you can relate or not, but ultimately I felt a little discouraged. At the moment I have one pair of pants I absolutely love, and about 3 tops that go with it, and when all those things are in the wash then I am kind of bummed out. I truly dislike the idea of shopping at the moment, it's not too bad when you are just looking for anything that catches your eye - but when you have a purpose of being item-specific, I'd rather pass.

I know I sound ungrateful and privileged at the moment - and that is partly true. But I also know I am not the only one and problems are relative. However this morning I subsequently realised that another 60% of my already 80% culled wardrobe does not fit. The flippin' buttons are too tight and sleeves too long or too short. I guess this is what happens when you practically live in a uniform for a year then return to your actual clothes. Never before have I spent so much time not in my own clothes of choosing and it's starting to show.

But enough of me and my lack of garments. The experience this morning made me realise something rather unfair. You see, if a male was in this position, it would be a rather low-key affair of topping up his everyday shirts, pants and shorts. Everything goes together anyway and there aren't too many styles to get confused over. HOWEVER(!!!) female clothing on the other hand is so complex and so thorough that it is a completely different cup of tea. Apart from the fact that we have a million different styles, cuts and fits - each brand sells such unique clothing that it is rather difficult to get this to match with that. It's almost as if (in certain situations), one is pressured to buy a whole outfit from a certain brand in order to look "acceptable", without going to a million different places to find other puzzle pieces that fit with that you've bought.

There is a ridiculous amount on pressure on women to dress a certain way and come up with satisfactory outfits day in day out. From the "fashion police" to just everyday "bitchy-sneering", there are judgmental glances everywhere over what females wear and I'm pretty over-it.

I know this post comes from resenting the idea of having to build up a wardrobe again, because I basically wear five garments at the moment, but it really get's me down how much of a thing "what you wear" is for all females. In the past, I had really enjoyed putting together outfits. It was a hobby that I worked on regularly. However now that my consumerist mind-set has left me, I purely want to have body confidence, look funky and cause the least harm in doing all of that. And if I wear the same thing four days in a row, I hope you'll pass judgment. Because loving people rather then their facade (that's right, the people in your life right now), is the first thing you and I can do to be better examples in all of this. That is keeping it stress free, and fun lovin'!