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Everything is a Gift

24 / 03 / 2016

Okay so I just realised three things about the title.

  1. It's very spiritual sounding, even religious like.
  2. I'm starting to get more and more "airy-fairy" with the titles of my posts.
  3. This post is actually fitting for Easter, as the gift of life as symbolised in the egg is the shape around town at the moment, am I right?!

Anyhoos just thought that a quick lil' mindfulness post could be nice considering that we are entering a somewhat consumerist holiday season once again. Oh joy. It felt like we just had the last one but here we are, and I am sure you have felt (no matter how much of a recluse you have been) the last few months, that advertisements and aggressive marketing have been totally in your face. I mean let's not even get started on how early all of this starts hitting the shelves. The amount of chocolate and tacky bunny knick-knacks that people buy every year makes me wonder. But I'm not here to ramble, so let's move on.

Basically I have been practicing the notion of seeing everything as a gift (no duh it's in the title). Seeing every morning smoothie, gentle breeze, snuggle with the dog or video uploaded as something so shout 'amen!!' to the heavens for. I mean seriously, when we slow down and think about all the little things that make out days tick by, there is so much that we simply gloss over without even acknowledging. It's rather crazy. More to the point, by the time we get through days, weeks and even years of not noticing all the amazingly awesome things around us, we become so desensitised to beauty and wonder, that we don't find puppy's cute anymore, or hugs special - and that's a real tragedy. When we start giving mechanical reactions to movies, performances or flowers such as 'oh that's nice', or 'hmm yeah it was good', we become dull and loose our buzzing vibration.

Now I'm not saying that that in order to fix this dilemma we should start being more creative with our words of appreciation. Exclaiming, 'well it was absolutely, unbelievably, ground-breakingly brilliant' is perhaps even more fake, so instead move your appreciation and noticing to a more inward task. Stay with the sunset a little longer rather then taking a pic for Instagram and moving on, appreciate the fresh-ness of your sheets next time you wash them, as you slip under the covers - and hold your smile after you laugh and realise how much lighter you feel as your burdens melt away.

I bang on about this in what seems like it all my posts, but it really is just doing what you can to bring you back to the present.

So make something chocolatey instead of buying a over-packaged egg this Easter, and enjoy all the little gifts that are everywhere in between.