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Comfortable with the skin you're in

08 / 02 / 2016

Here's a little body image story for y'all. During my final year of school, there was A LOT of sitting on ya butt and studying if you follow me. The time for exercising was limited and I didn't prioritise it. So it was safe to say that I truly lost a great amount of fitness over that year. More so then I've ever experienced before, and initially - this scared me. Loosing muscle is a weird thing to experience. It's one of those things where you weren't grateful that you had it, until it was gone. But that aside, 2015 was a ridiculously good year of body image for me. Through the weird body sagging that was going on, I learn't to say and think through that, 'I'm beautiful'.

I know self-love proclamations are still a little bit hard to hear by many of us. They can sound cocky and up ourselves, but let's be honest right here and really think about it. It is SO crucial to love and appreciate yourself. You are this amazing complex person that you are with for the rest of your life. You need to get to know this person, understand their desires and pet hates, as well as appreciating them in the skin you were given. If one can't look at themselves in the mirror whilst naked and honestly proclaim that they love themselves (yes I KNOW THIS SOUNDS CHEESY, but stick with me here) then they are jeopardising their true ability to be happy.

Now back to the whole body image thing. So many of my dresses I didn't feel comfortable in anymore and in addition my style was changing, so I just didn't feel the same sense of security I had felt in clothes as I had done for so long. I got more in tune with my body throughout this year (with realising how I felt in response to different foods etc.), and soon realised that I was most comfortable with my own bod without the extra clothes on. Sounds weird, but it truly felt as if such 'bad body image' was just down to the extra drapery that society expects. Now I'm not saying that I would be happier to waltz the street in the nude, but when I think about this to myself, without the judgment of others, it's definitely nude that makes me happier.

Just to be clear, I'm no hippie. Some would say the complete opposite - however this is just an observation I made over the last year, and maybe you feel this way too. Either way it's important to love yourself always, and I think starting at the base and then moving outward is a good way to approach it.