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Changing Seasons

09 / 03 / 2016

After writing my mindful three March post I immediately realised the most obvious and profound thing that is occurring all over the world. That is the changing of the seasons and being slowly introduced to the different temperature that feels like a long lost friend. While with travel and crazy fluctuations in temperature here in Melbourne, it's pretty easy to be reminded of the cold and then hot and then some more hot, on a weekly (if not daily) basis. However there is still an element of absolute excitement when you feel the first of that cool Autumnal air or that hot Spring sunshine.

I feel like a bit of a hypocrite writing about moving into Autumn as it's currently 6:00am and 29C...yeah. I'm sweating and wearing a necklace (aka a wet towel) around my neck to compensate. But I want to talk about this none-the-less, because it's something that, no matter how old or "worldly" you are, you still find yourself like a child becoming rather over the moon.

I'm always interested in weather. Not only does it influence the way I feel and what I do, it is the most (I think) obvious way to interact with this incredible earth. You have to FEEL the temperature, as it's in your face when you're outside and often when you're not, so even the most underground of hermits will come across it every now and then.

The weather doesn't apologise, it just goes for it. It get's angry, unpredictable and ridiculously unbearable at times - but it's all done with a sense of poise and mystery. It's a pretty sassy bitch on occasions to say the least. Now you might be thinking 'hallo!? what about it's ability to melt ice caps and cause small island communities to move inland?' well that's a more then fair point. But to make another one, that's 'climate' and directly linked with the actions of humans, most specifically animal agriculture.

Anyhoos this is going off track because the title's Changing Seasons is it not? Yes it is. Back to the point.

Take this as a call to absolutely be aware of this season change wherever you live (I guess not if it's near the equator, sorry). Feel that first cool breeze cross your forehead and get excited about wearing long sleeves again. Just remember (!!) that if you jump to the layers too soon then your experience will be ruined. Take it slow and feel it all the way.