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Change of Scene

18 / 06 / 2016

Let's talk for a minute about the oodles of benefits of taking some time to getaway, drive/plane/boat/ride/walk to another location that is new for you and spend a little time there. This past weekend in Melbourne was a long weekend and during this time, my mum and I got away up to Sydney for a quick getaway. It was a typical girls weekend, filled with beach walks, good food (and I mean like REALLY good food - think vegan burgers, dumplings, Thai, Mexican, sushi and gelato), a movie night, good company, shopping plus a night at the theatre. We stayed up in Coogee (on the beach near Bondi) for three nights and all-in-all I cannot stress how freshening it was...if that is a word.

While Sydney did put on some of it's best winter weather for us (a good 5 degrees celsius warmer than here), there were many more benefits than just the increased vitamin D intake that made it worth the while. Let's talk about them here...

If you have a chance, book that plane ticket or that air B&B, you won't regret it.