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Bubbles In Your Throat

16 / 05 / 2016

Lately I have been busier then ever. In fact the last time I remember having as many deadlines and accountability from exterior sources as this, was when I was at school - aka over six months ago. So I feel good, but I am getting that buzz of stress and bubbles in my throat that were oh-so familiar this time last year. It's almost a sensation where you feel a tad queasy, like you might throw up. But you know you won't, rather the appropriate remedy is do buckle down and start ticking off things on your agenda. The remedy is productivity, but that doesn't mean that it's all fine and dandy to begin with.

We've all heard of the mountain of side-effects that come from living a stress filled routine. When the body is constantly in a state of stress our immune system is often compromised, leaving the body with more vulnerability to colds, disease and even cancers. But that's all doom and gloom, because what those frightening facts don't tell you is that stress is a small but manageable dose is a hella of an awesome side-kick when it comes to getting things done. If we just dial back to...say...enough stress that it produced only a boost of nervous energy, then you are left with a heck load of motivation and a bundle of energy to get things done.

See stress creates extra energy, as the year 9 science class 'fight-flight' response unit taught us so well. And while it is unhealthy to be running on this all the time, now and again when you need to get back into "doing" mode - it can be just what you need.

I'm only really beginning to trust to-do lists again. They absolutely ruled my life for a while there, filling me with a crazy and scary need to always over achieve. So now I'm realising the balance about to-do lists. About how if you take a step back you often gain perspective about what needs to be prioritised and what not, so you still have time to watch episodes of your favourite TV show, cook delicious food and just have quality conversations that take away the day.

Here's to the good bubbles in your throat. The ones that allow us to start projects, achieve a million things in one day, and meet deadlines.