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Big Moments

06 / 09 / 2016

What tells one moment apart from the next?

Certainly, societal hype can play a major part in determining that, but ultimately what's inside plays a major part in that too.

The vibe, mood, company we are in and the pre-text of a situation can affect the outcome, but not predictably so. How many times have you, despite the reality majorly sucking, had a blast or a tender or hilarious moment? Or Visa Versa. There definitely is no formula that equates in having a good time. I definitely know this from practically all my birthdays ever experienced. Okay so that might be a bit of an over statement, but at least those in the last 5 years have consisted of me trying to plan something "fun" and "enjoyable", setting my expectations way too high in how this will make me feel, and then always feeling like it was a major flop and no improvement on last years similar experience.

But enough boohooing from my side.

I think the major player is how you feel in the moment and how the people you are with make you feel. Some families make big deals over things like getting your licence, finishing exams, or just getting an A on your English essay. Mine really don't, we just get an "oh good", and then the introverted family moves over the bump along the road. There's nothing wrong with that - it's just the way it rolls. Due to this particular personal situation, I find myself loving it more when I spend "big" moments with family as well as other people. To have their reactions to other things, even if they are embarrassingly over the top is rather fun. It's nothing short of fresh and exciting. Even though you know in yourself that it's perfectly valid to get all excited or pumped for yourself in this moment, to share it with others is like a little boost of reassurance that just makes you feel positive. Because while we all think that we can do just fine on our own, ultimately that is one of the many things we can't give ourselves - some external excitement and companionship.

In a couple of months, I will be sitting my drivers test to get my probationary licence (aka I can officially drive myself to different places ALONE...or with a friend). It made me think about how it's a sort of experience that I would rather do with someone I don't really know. Turns out it will occur that way, as I will drive over with my instructor, have an hours lesson - sit the test, and then he'll drive me back. Even if I fail (which I shall be seriously hoping I do NOT do), not having those who know you inside and out around you, can take the weight off your shoulders. Plus, if I do get it, it will be a bigger moment. It will be a "YAY" high five type moment rather than an introverted "oh good" moment.

And sometimes I want that.