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Be Authentic

23 / 03 / 2016

There are so many Hollywood movies that stress that your late teens/early twenties are the time when "you really find yourself" (aka perks of being a wallflower). It's portrayed as the time when you find your 'tribe' so to speak, and surround yourself with people who are essentially your non-biological family. Well I don't know about you, but from what I have observed with a few family and friends, university and college are not exactly what they used to be. People seem to be stuck in their own worlds right now in 2016, myself included, resulting in a more isolated 18-25 period in ones life.

When I was younger I was told all these pieces of information which I now realise were very outdated. They were pretty much messages of things that I would be doing around this time, even if I couldn't possibly see myself doing these things in grade 5. I remember being told that I'll end up smoking, because I'll be peer-pressured into trying it just once and then I won't be able to stop. Or as I hit teenage-hood I would have all these screaming matches with my parents, featuring door-slamming marathons and thick bands of foggy moodiness hanging in the air. Well sorry folks, but I didn't live up to any of those supposed "guarantees". I wasn't ridiculously nice at 14, but then I wasn't a moody ball of grime either.

Anyhoos, I wanted to discuss how through all of the yucky growing up that you do, it is important to never tell yourself to be a different puzzle piece then what you already are. Sure you might not know what your special piece looks like yet, so you might explore different social groups, arts or sports to refine your edges, but you should never firmly wedge yourself into a space that you don't fit. The longer you stay in that spot the more sore you'll be when you leave. I know I am speaking all metaphorically here - but ultimately I am saying that it's okay to float around in life, focusing on yourself before finding your ultimate resting place. Not that of where you die (gee no need to get morbid), but that where you grow your roots and enjoy the breeze of your surroundings. Whether that's around certain people, a place, or in a various online community, these roots are exciting to grow, but don't need to be watered too soon.

I hope I'm making a minuscule of sense here. This post is somewhat of a message to myself really. Ultimately I am giving myself time to figure all this craziness out. That being what I am to do with the future, the present everything in between.

Just be you and have patience with your journey, it will work out.