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An Overdue October Catch-Up

16 / 10 / 2016

Hey ho, it's been a while honeybunches. Thanks for hangin' in there, checking back at this space every so often. Hope you've enjoyed the odd recipe that has cropped up here over the last couple of weeks. There's some goodins there I'm tellin' ya'. Okay enough with the apostrophes already hehe. How am I? Well good, but I kind of feel like I've platò-ed out a little. At the end of this month I'll loose my two tutoring kiddies (English VCE year 12) and I'll say bye to a dear friend, then later in November I'll say bye-bye to my bro, as so many people pop overseas to hop around Europe and the like. It will be a little odd to say the least, and I'm thinking I should perhaps apply for a summer job or something more conventional, regular and shop-like, but to be honest the thought of it just brings up the mountain of a failure last years’ effort was. And while I know they are completely different instances, I have more "jobs" under my belt and training on my resume, it's still a little nerve wracking going down that road. But I'd like it for sure, so we'll see where these next few weeks take me.

I'm currently not working on my next HBOT journal, but rather another e-book on this GAP year I've taken which the draft is nearly finite (should be onto formatting today actually). I might pop it on Amazon, if I can figure out how, and hopefully it will help a few people out in this tricky transition that's coming up. It's rather text heavy, containing detes on my story, a structure that you could adopt for your GAP year and so on. It's essentially what I would have liked to read before embarking on the year that's been.

I've still got a terribly itchy face, as even with the random humid weather we've been having - my dry crackly skin doesn't seem to be healing. That's about four months it's been now - boo hoo. I'm not really one to get down about my appearance, because I think there's too much to be thankful for. Limbs, expressive eyebrows, nice food making demonstration hands, EPIC tiger strips on my butt cheeks, the list goes on haha. But on the same vein as appearance is the clothes we wear, and my-my am I hoping I can get my act together in that department asap. When the lovely 25C day hit us the other week I realised that I really don't have any warm weather get-up. Last year I wore the same things on repeat, and when I looked at them again, I either found (literally) worn through fabric where you don't want it, or a super intense sweaty/salty smell in many of my Tee's. What joy, so I guess shopping is required, and while (like most people) the results of shopping often get me excited, the actual process is rather demoralizing for me personally. I can't believe how eager I was to do it only say four-five years ago. It was a legit hobby of mine, going to vintage markets and buying a couple of items each week. Mind you, I often found a cardigan for $2 or a dress for $15, so I wasn't going mental with the money spent, but it definitely was something I enjoyed and did on the reg’. Anyhoos, I've found a general style that tickles my fancy again, and just have to spent the money and pluck up the courage to look groovy again. I know it's a rather shallow, 1st world issue, but being complemented on how you put together an outfit, can be a nice confidence boost ya' know?

Okay, signing out now. Nice chatting and good to catch up xo