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Always overthinking

25 / 01 / 2016

Society LOVES to overthink. It loves to make something out of nothing, stir gossip and make drama. The media analyses situations from every possible angle and avenues are explored that were simply not there to begin with. This overthinking fills the contents of magazines, news headlines and blogs to a point where jealousy runs wild and comparisons are all that are made. We're a world which focuses on what is unnecessary too much rather than absorbing plain simple truths.

We demand a scientific explanation for what we don't understand, yet can't accept what's right in front of us. Constantly over analysing, until it's too late. Unpronounceable medication is taken for this and that, yet when it comes to our table, the burger is still chosen over veggie chilli.

We are constantly trying to prove or disprove, discourage or hinder climate change, the LGTB community, animal agriculture, sweat shops, factory farming, the effects of meat and dairy, and the prejudice shown towards certain faiths. With our political system, debate and time clogs up the drains of action and we are left still waiting for action, even just waiting for recognition. What should be, isn't and that's ridiculously frustrating.

I understand that votes need to be made, cases heard - but far-out if even the slightest doubt that animal agriculture is literally bulldozing the environment, then measures have to be taken to dramatically curb the consumption of meat. Guidelines are one thing, but actually making a change is another. I guess this post is getting political pretty fast, and it's not really coming from a place of political understanding. But I'm just sick of waiting for opportunities for people to be as happy as possible, for the world to stop melting, and for ruthless murder to stop taking place for the sake of people's dinner plates.

That's all I really had to say. We need to not be afraid to act, to change and to decide NOW. If compassion is at the base of all decisions and open minds make them, then we need to hit the accelerator - because for once we actually haven't got all the time in the world.