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After The Honeymoon Period

19 / 04 / 2016

There are a few things in my life at the moment that I can see bubbling out to a fizzle. What do I mean by that odd language I hear you ask? Well simply that I once thought they were the bees knees, making me feel amazing from the inside out, and now the honeymoon period is coming to an end.

With so many more divorces happening in 2016 then ever before, this phenomenon that we are talking about is pretty clear and common. People are swept off their feet by a sensation or individual that makes them feel like never before, they might rush into things, and make commitments that they can't keep. Through this period of bliss, everything might run totally smoothly. Few argument and disagreements, as well as each individual over-looking the qualities in the other that drive them crazy. As the fire-work show ends, these sometimes become increasingly obvious and unable to be dealt with.

Now I am not trying to be a debby-downer here, I think the problem lies more with the fact that we are so distracted and removed from the present, that we are not fully "conscious" creatures understanding, accepting and forgiving as we navigate the human experience. But never-the-less, in many relationships and new "favs", there is this period where anything seems possible and enticing.

This might be with a new You-tuber you were once obsessed with, now seeming like an ordinary individual who is just as interesting as the next person. It might be a television series that filled your every thought at one stage, now boring you to pieces and filling you with anxiety. With these kind of pop-culture examples I think it's best to let them go and move on. After all what is the real harm? They'll still be there if you wish to return, and you are not hurting their feelings by turning your back. They don't have feelings, so use that to your advantage and move on.

Other examples might be a friend you met during the summer holidays or project that you are nearly finished with but are not quite there. In these instances it is very much worth putting in that extra effort. Relationships have their ups and downs all the time, it's normal and just because this is the first dip and it feels like the end does not mean it is. Whether a period of time has passed since you talked, or it's a broken promise that has brought on this lull in motivation for the relationship to succeed, then it is vital that you continue to give it one more chance. In fact give it three, if a relationship is meant to end, then you really won't we thinking about the other person, it will just come to an organic close. Similarly with a project, just because you haven't stuck with your writing goals, or time spent on it per day, doesn't mean that this is the end. Take yourself to another location just to work on it if that is an option, therefore gently bullying yourself into getting on with it. Works every time.

So while the honeymoon period ends with many a people, projects and sources of entertainment, it by no means translates to it being actually over. Evaluate, regroup and move forward.