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A healthy interest

18 / 01 / 2016

If you haven't picked up already, then I should probably pop in somewhere here that I'm REALLY into health and the vegan lifestyle. I watch documentaries in my spare time, and am slowly (but consistently), making my way through books like 'Becoming Vegan' and 'Crazy Sexy Diet'. While many of these writers set up their message to be received from those perhaps (stereotyping here) in their 30's, uninspired, trying fad diets as they come and go, and now wanting to feel great, I am left kinda an odd reader in all of it. I don't really fit into any of the categories that are obvious audience candidates, but I do want to learn and LEARN about the ins and outs of the lifestyle and maybe then use that knowledge to further my own health (although it's not like it's in a detrimental state), and that of others.

I do think it's important that we all place our own health at the top (well ish) of our priorities. While sometimes it can't always be this way, I think if everyone got into juicing, blending and raw-vegan-balling (haha okay phoebe), then the we'd be in a different place. Just because some of these health 'kicks' have a bad wrap, and are wrapped in bubble wrap and paired with high price tags further removing their availability and approachability - doesn't mean such a stigma has to prevent us all from reaping their benefits.

While I'm definitely not a health nut, I am just enjoying this spurt of learning that is utterly self directed and on my own terms. It's my subject of choice, and I see it being a life-long one at that. The assorted 'vegan literature' that I have recently acquired will be on my bookshelves for as long as possible, and then after that - because they are so immensely interesting, and are helping create a planet that is healthier from the algae to peoples dinner plates.

It's somewhat funny because in my household, my mum has always and I mean ALWAYS been the health conscious one. She was very firm about not having processed crap in the house, and made us eat slimy bok choy leaves until we choked (or at least pretended too). While this emphasis wasn't on a 'vegan diet' at all, it did make me eat more 'real' food then the average person. However as time has passed and I have totally veganified our household (well as much as possible) - she's totally lost the drive. When I asked her she said 'oh but you're into it now Phoebe, I don't want to stand in your way'. I guess because the option of joining forces is a little too 'veggie keen' at the moment, I'm just left guzzling my green juice, sauteing my kale and rolling my raw balls. That's okay and I know I'm doing the whole 'leading by example thing', but I have to admit I can't wait until a day where I share this passion with someone else. By this I mean a soul mate that totally gets you and drives me to be a better person (not just with the food side of things obvs), rather then driving this train by myself with those around me.

I also know that I don't have too. I could just take a step back and say oh you can have your meat and I'll just drizzle tahini on my sweet potato fries over here. But I know that they kind of don't want that and deep down they appreciate the real food being made for them, day in, day out.

For now I'm enjoying widening my vegan circle of friends - because they are pretty darn awesome too. But I still can't imagine living with someone who is as keen about it all as me :)